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Loyal to our Philosophy

We prove that Nature remains our greatest ally for our Health and Well Being leading us to a greater quality of life.

We resist on the quick solutions that the market offers and we stay true to high quality, high standards and product excellence focusing on the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of our products.

We research on the latest developments of alternative therapies so that we strengthen our product portfolio and stay close to consumer’s needs and wants who entrust us their most valuable gift: their health.


Power Health at the top of European Business

EBA-Ruban-dHonneur-2013-14-128x300The Committee of the European Business Awards announced that Power Health Hellas, the leading Greek Natural food supplements company, is one of the top 10 European Businesses in the category of Customer Focus having received the prestigious honor of “Ruban d’ Honeur”. It is the greatest reward for a 30 year journey and for Power Health’s enduring mission of satisfying the needs and wants of its thousands customers and consumers with leading and pioneering products and services.



From Nature’s Pharmacy…to Romanian Pharmacies!

In a beautiful ceremony held in the Howard Johnson Hotel in the centre of Bucharest on Wednesday July 26th, more than 70 Pharmacists participated from the leading Pharmacy chain Catena, giving a strong presence and participation.


European Business Awards: Power Health remains one of the strongest companies in Europe!

The most prestigious European business Awards committee, the European Business Awards, picked for the third straight year Power Health Hellas as one of the strongest companies in Europe.


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