«1st Academy of Vitamins in Greece » by Power of Nature

April 10, 2019

” Knowledge is power”. This is the philosophy of Power of Nature. The power the consumer has to make the right choice that will give him the quality of life he deserves. And that is a commitment.

The establishment of Power of Nature in 1984 is marked by the boldness of proposing a natural alternative lifestyle with the power of nature. She is the first to talk about vitamins, dietary supplements, phytotherapy, homeopathy.

Today, having a vast array of knowledge on natural nutrients and the experience required through a well-trained Research and Development department, it once again pioneered the creation of the Vitamins Academy at the 1st Academy of Vitamins, ‘ in GREECE.

An innovation that has a dual goal. Reliable consumer information that leads to the right choice and use of nutritional supplements.

The “problem solving training” of healthcare professionals on the company’s products, ingredients and properties so that they know their full spectrum of action.

The “Vitamins Academy” holds conferences with distinguished scientists in their field by investing in lifelong learning.

Continuous staff training as well as personalized information to consumers by qualified health consultants at associated pharmacies are included in the educational activities of the Vitamins Academy. Interactive website and application applications, an open line of communication with the scientific department for consumers and colleagues, complement the educational work of the first Academy of Vitamins in Greece, created with respect for consumers and health care professionals.

1. Educational Videos
Experienced scientists answer questions and advise on the use and benefits of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, minerals, and so on.

2. Infographics
Interactive application with topics on balanced nutrition and “Encyclopedia of vitamins” with information on the role of each vitamin / metal / trace element and other nutrients in our diet.

3. Mobile
A nutrition supplement wizard based on consumers’ needs, an easy way to be found a pharmacy close to the point of request, a reminder of the product use.

4. Articles with nutrition advice, health and smart tips.

5. Seminars in pharmacists so that they know the use and benefits of our products, to be able to suggest the product that meets the customers’ needs.

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