Corporate Social Responsibility is a high priority for Power Health.

April 23, 2021

Power Health, being the leading Greek company of natural health supplements and nutrition in the Greek market since 1984, has a strong sense of social responsibility, reflected into its daily activities and its organizational culture and values.

For Power Health, the corporate social responsibility is strongly connected with the words “contribution” and “quality”. For 36 years, contribution is an indisputable value and an inseparable part of the identity of Power Health, which within the framework of social responsibility, promotes and ensures better life for vulnerable human groups.

One of the main CSR missions of Power Health is to offer financial support to domestic & International Non-Governmental Organizations that protect the human rights, such as

“The Smile of the Child”
“SOS Children’s Villages”
“Pharmacists of the World”
“Médecins Sans Frontières”
and “Unicef”

At the same time, the Greek company of nutritional supplements safeguards the health and the nutritional wellbeing of more than 100 children with special needs.

Specifically, for more than 10 years Power Health ensures the daily feeding of these children – students of the Public Special Schools of economically and socially vulnerable regions of Piraeus.

Furthermore, Power Health promotes values such as the athletic ideal and the sportsmanship by supporting the Olympic Gold Medalist Eleftherios Petrounias, Brand Ambassador of the Power of Nature Sport Series.

Moreover, during the coronavirus medical crisis the Greek company of nutritional supplements supported social organizations, nursing homes and schools with a series of food supplements products for the protection of the human immune system. In 2020, the company supported thousands of vulnerable people by providing 25,000 products for the immune system, besides the financial assistance.

Humanity is not just a word, it is an emotion of caring, an organizational value practically applied by Power Health action. Power Health’s aim is to improve society, help boost staff morale and make a positive contribution to the international awareness. Following the needs of the global market Power Health will always defend human rights by providing a better quality of life.

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