Innovation is one of the three main pillars of our philosophy

April 10, 2019

Power of Nature has the insight to detect needs and provide health solutions, invest in state-of-the-art technologies and create New Generation Nutritional Supplements.

Synergistic formulas

Their advantage is their rich composition with specialized natural ingredients, which interact with each other by multiplying their action. They are solutions for health problems, with immediate results, simultaneous absence of contraindications and safety in use.

High technology forms

Chios mastic is a Greek health treasure,  a natural resin that comes out of the trunk and the branches and it flows by drops to form the characteristic crystals. The form in which it is found in nature makes it particularly difficult to its processing. Thanks to the advanced technologies the company adoptes for the development of innovative products, the world-famous Chios Mastiha is now available in water-soluble form. 

Advanced natural ingredients

Power of Nature paves the way for alternative products that target in therapeutic areas for which, until recently, the treatment proposed was purely pharmaceutical, with products such as Oliviotic. The dietary supplement containing oleuropein one of the components found on the leaves of the olive tree and is the alternative treatment for the common cold and the flu that acts in parallel on the upper respiratory tract.

High technology packaging

Innovation becomes an ally of the quality that Power of Nature wants to offer to every product that creates. It is very important to be mentioned that it is the only company places the effervescent supplements in box packaging, while tube caps have been specially processed to protect the product from moisture.

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