April 10, 2019

Οlive tree is a gift from nature that offers its unique benefits for centuries. Cultivated since ancient times in the Mediterranean countries, its leaves & crops can be fully exploited.

The wisdom of Greek nature works in harmony with science in an innovative diet supplement based on the millenarians’ healing power of the olive. Olivioticis a product of many years of research and clinical studies that have been carried out on the effect of olive leaf extract and its polyphenols suc h as oleoprotein, and is the result of a collective effort by the Greek scientific community.

It is an innovative, synergistic formula create by the  Power Of Nature R & D   department with titrated extract of olive leaves, zinc and vitamin D3 that will help strengthen your immune system and cope with the symptoms of the common cold.

Oliviotic has a unique composition based on the olive leaf extract under the name Olivactive® (standardized to 20% oleuropein – natural source of elenolic acid), which along with zinc and vitamin D3 contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

The olive leaf extract provides a mixture of substances such as oleuropein, yielding hydroxytyrosol and elenolic acid, which are highly absorbable and bioavailable. It is in these compounds that we can mainly attribute the biological activities of olive leaf extract. Oliviotic is your ideal winter ally, as its composition of olive leaf extract, vitamin D3 and zinc offers normal function of immune system. It is suitable for all family members.

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