Anti-lice shampoo & spray

The end of lice … with fleriana

They love school. They are social, they like the game, they are crazy about camps, and they have a particular love in children’s heads, without discriminating in pure or … less clear hair! With 6 feet of hook-like and tremendous persistence, they stick to the hairline near the skull and perpetuate their type at incredibly fast pace, 6 times a day, causing intense (itching).

Fleriana Lice Protector Spray

Fleriana lice protector Spray protects the scalp from lice. It contains the natural PMDBRO molecule (a molecule contained in the eucalyptus citiodora lemon eucalyptus). Due to PMDBRO repels the lice and prevents their colonization in the scalp and the deposition of eggs in it.

Approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

  • Extremely effective
  • It does not grease hair
  • It lasts 8 hours
  • Suitable for adults and children from 2 years of age or older

Fleriana lice shampoo

The Fleriana Lice Shampoo contains natural ingredients that plug the breathing holes of the lice and nits and also plug the pores of the cocoon of the nits. The parasites die safely from suffocation and dehydration. Therefore, the lice cannot develop resistance against the action of these natural ingredients compared to the action of chemical agents.

Use Fleriana Lice Shampoo for the treatment of hair infested by head lice and their eggs (nits).

  • CE marked product
  • Effective from the first 15’ minutes of use
  • Clinically proven efficacy against the lice and their nits
  • Prevents lice from multiplying offering long-term treatment
  • Suitable for adults and children over the age of 6 months
  • Without parabens, alcohol or other ingredients that may cause allergies
  • With two methods of application (on wet and dry hair)

The action of the Fleriana Lice Shampoo depends on the mixture of coconut vegetable oils (Coco nucifera tree), which has the ability to plug the breathing holes of the lice and nits resulting in suffocation.

Ingredient Information

Active ingredients

Fleriana lice shampoo
Coconut oil (Coco nucifera)

Fleriana Lice Protector Spray
PMDBRO (Eucalyptus citiodora)

Directions of Use

Fleriana lice shampoo


STEP 1: Divide the hair into sections and apply a sufficient amount of the product (25ml for short hair, 50ml for long hair) to wet hair, massaging it well. Leave on the hair for 15’ to kill the lice and 45’ to ensure that the nits are also dead.

STEP 2: After 15’, the lice will have come away from the hair and the sticky protective coating of the eggs will have been destroyed. Divide the hair into sections and comb each section carefully as close to the scalp as possible to remove lice and nits. When the lice and nits have been removed rinse the hair with water.


STEP 1: The shampoo does not leave any residues and can be left on dry hair. No need to rinse out. Divide the hair into sections and apply a sufficient amount of the product (25ml for short hair, 50ml for long hair) to dry hair, massaging it in well. You can rinse off the product after eight hours or the next day. Use the lice comb to remove the parasites.

As a preventive measure against possible reinfestation with lice, repeat the procedure one week after initial treatment.

Fleriana Lice Protector Spray

Spray the product covering the whole surface of the scalp. After 8 hours, it would be advisable to remove the product.


Fleriana lice shampoo & special comb: 100ml
Fleriana Lice Protector Spray: 100ml

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