Science Innovation

Our company – Research & Development

The factor that makes our company unique among others in Greece, is the fact that we have got our own “Research & Development – Scientific Department” consisted of highly trained chemists and pharmacists, highly trained and skilled in a wide range of knowledge and experience.

A unique and competitive advantage that gives Power of Nature the advantage to design products according to the high standards it has set itself.

The R & D department is constantly following worldwide scientific advances, explore and study the new pharmaceutical forms to create new products with highly effective formulas. Our scientists exploit research and clinical studies about the   ingredients properties in order to create innovative products, Greek compositions, world-wide unique.

Our  scientific team has also the knowledge and the ability to develop tailor-made products modulated to the needs of every local market.

Olistel for the new generation of adults

Aging is a process we are going through from the time of conception and it is happening from the very first moment that we enter the life cycle. We grow up, and as we grow our body and our needs change. Nutrition plays an extremely important role in getting the nutrients needed by our body, which will contribute to its proper functioning, revitalization and its resistance to time wear, especially after 50.  Τhe balanced  dietary can act as anti-aging protection. Healthy aging is  about optimizing our potentials through our eating habits to have a good quality of life.

Our body has strong antioxidant mechanisms that protect us from the attack of the free radicals, which we must strengthen by taking the necessary antioxidant ingredients from food. Their mission is to help stabilize free radicals and protect us from their toxic action.

Power of Nature identifies the need for a nutritional supplement that focuses on enhancing, protecting and confronting the body’s deterioration in older people, created Olistel. The first Healthy Aging Supplement that comes to offer a better quality of life to women and men who want to have an active everyday life.

Olistel is a liquid food supplement that focuses on full nourishment with the necessary micronutrients and antioxidant protection of the cells, protection from premature aging.

It provides  ideally all the nutrients needed by an active organism, combined with a bioactive concentrate of polyphenols from 22 different fruits and vegetables that offer strong antioxidant protection (> 5,000 ORACs) in all cells. Aim, to be avoid or to be delayed degenerative phenomena in the body’s functions. Olistel is part of the new generation of dietary supplements because its composition acts on many levels. It is a synergistic formula that offers holistic care in heart, joints, vision, memory, energy, immune system … to the new generation of adults who want to enjoy each day.

Protection from osteoporosis with the power of nature

Osteoporosis is a chronic bone metabolism disease, which is slow to manifest its symptoms. In fact, frequent fractures after the age of 50 lead to diagnosis, and often include preventive diagnostic tests at younger ages. For many years now, scientists have shown proper nutrition as one of the strongest weapons against osteoporosis. Although scientists recognize the necessity of the micronutrients that have been reported for years about osteoporosis, it seems that something still troubles them.

The vascular calcification phenomenon is an inhibitory factor for excessive calcium intake, even in the case of the particular condition. Thus, in the 1950s, Danish scientists discovered the function of Vitamin K2 in bone metabolism. Vitamin K2 is the precious ingredient that ensures that the calcium absorbed by the human body through food or dietary supplements will be driven into the bones. This causes calcium not to remain in the vessels but to be fully utilized by the skeletal system.

The R & D department of Power of Nature created Osteorin-K2, an advanced double food supplement to protect against osteoporosis and to maintain the good bone status. Osteorin-K2’s advanced synergistic formula utilizes the world’s fastest-growing component, vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 is that precious ingredient that ensures that all the calcium absorbed by the human body through food or nutritional supplements will be driven to the bones. This causes calcium not to remain in the vessels, but to be fully utilized by the skeletal system.

Osterorin-K2 contains vitamin K2 as menacinone-7 (MK-7) in the pioneering form of K2VITAL® DELTA. The patented K2VITAL® DELTA production process gives vitamin K2 high bioavailability and high stability, especially when combined with other micronutrients.

Also, it is ensured that it is released exclusively to the bones in order to become the calcium transport medium in this area.  The calcium contained in the advanced formula of Osteorin-K2 is in the form of calcium citrate  and is one of the most absorbable and bioavailable forms. Vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption of calcium, to maintaining its normal blood levels and maintaining normal bone status. At the same time, it reduces the risk of fallins associated with instability and muscle weakness. Falling is a risk factor for fractures for men and women over 60 years of age.

Vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen for the normal functioning of cartilage and bone. The combination of the above ingredients selected for the Osteorin-K2 synergistic formula ensures the best possible absorption of calcium in the bones and prevents its deposition in the vessels.