Stevia the nature’s sweetener

April 10, 2019

Nowadays, the use of natural sweeteners is increasing, mainly due to consumer demand for alternative sources of sugar. High power sweeteners are commonly used as sugar substitutes, as they are sometimes sweeter than table sugar and contribute only a few to no calories when added to food. A key feature of these sweeteners is that they do not increase blood sugar levels. One of these sweeteners is stevia. More specifically, steviol glucosides are natural constituents of the leaves of the plant Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, which belongs to the family Asteraceae and originates from parts of South America. Steviol glucosides are non-calorie sweeteners while  it is 200 to 400 times sweeter than table sugar.

Also, their use is safe from diabetics, while various properties of the compounds contained in steviol glycosides, such as anti-inflammatory and diuretic action, are being studied. The use of pure starch-derived extracts as sweeteners has been approved in several countries, as the safety of high purity steviol glycosides has been systematically studied by both the scientific community and international bodies responsible for health and food safety.

More specifically, the FAEC / WHO Special Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) declares the safe consumption of steviol glucosides as sweeteners and has established 0-4 mg of glucosides per kilogram of body weight, as an acceptable daily intake. A corresponding safety assessment of these substances has been carried out by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), and the European Community subsequently adopted Regulation 1131/2011 on the authorization of the use of steviol glycosides in food.

Power of Nature, responding to the consumers’ need to be able to choose health products with ingredients of natural origin and high purity, creates the first effervescent vitamins with a sweetener from the stevia plant.  A strategic move to create “Clean Label” products, more and more natural, with fewer artificial ingredients.

Three of the top codes are now becoming even more natural.

Echinacea extra effervescent tablets with delicious lemon flavor, echinacea, vitamin C and zinc to prevent winter symptoms.

Vitamin C 1000mg, rich in orange and all the benefits of the most classic and beloved vitamin of all times.

Multivitamin Multi + Multi with fruity peach flavor, all vitamins, basic minerals and trace elements. It offers energy, strength and covers the nutritional gaps.

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