The pharmacy of nature invests in extroversion

April 10, 2019

Our mission for 35 years is to offer a better lifestyle through high quality health products. We take advantage of the wisdom and power of nature and, with science alike, we are next to the modern consumer with innovative syntheses, even at the international level, created by the well-established Research and Development Department. This is the reason why we are able to expand into international markets by investing in our three pillars of growth, extroversion, innovation and quality.

Our vision is to be the ambassadors of Greek nature. We invest in extroversion and strengthen the international profile of our company. The nature’s pharmacy has gained the confidence and has conquered foreign markets in Cyprus, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Lebanon, Malta and England.

At Power of Nature, we are responding to the consumers needs with more and more specialized compositions with targeted action on prevention and treatment of everyday health problems, we are investing in offering nature in its most qualitative, pure form.

We created the first effervescent vitamins with stevia. We focus on developing ”Clean Label” products, that is, more and more of course without additives or artificial preservatives, but also products for vegetarians and vegans, a particular consumer team that does not have access to the benefits of nutritional supplements.

We strictly apply the legislative and qualitative framework, which is our second pillar of development and is our non-negotiable commitment.

Our products are manufactured using the most sophisticated practices and technologies, according to the “Good Manufacturing Practices”, have international quality certifications and notification number from the EOF. They also contain selected natural organic ingredients with clinically proven activity, safety, efficacy and official health claims from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

The 35year,  experience, the high level knowledge, the ability to develop specialized products, international high-level marketing services and the Regulatory / Regulatory Affairs Department that meet the needs of each country and at all levels are unique competitive strengths for Power of Nature.

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