Who we are

The Nature’s Pharmacy invests in innovation, quality and international expansion

Power Of Nature is a leading and pioneering Greek company that creates, represents, imports, exports and distributes premium quality, innovative Health Food Supplements in the Greek market since 1984.

It all started with the vision of a woman, Lili Perganda, who inspired by the power and wisdom of nature to create health products that could provide alternative, effective and reliable solutions for health and well-being.

Lili Perganda is the President & CEO, who first believed and invested in the power of nature, 35 years ago, has a successful route in one of the healthiest and most developing sectors of the Greek Economy, the Food Supplements Sector.

The starting-point, 1984, was marked by the introduction of the pure dietary supplements, vitamins, phytotherapy and homeopathy.

In 2003, the creation of the first Greek Research and Development department dedicated to Vitamins & Dietary Supplements opened up new horizons, in the Greek market.

The establishment of its own Research & Development Department with specialized scientists makes Power of Nature once more again a pioneer as the only Greek company to design its own alternative products for health and well-being. Innovative Greek compositions, many of which are unique at both European and global level.

Its current portfolio is comprised of 80 employees, 25 Sales Representatives and over 100 products. Power of Nature’s products are served directly to 5.000 greek pharmacies.

Since 2015, Power Of Nature follows a clear strategy around three main pillars:  Innovation, Quality and International Expansion.


To remain the first and leading natural health and nutrition company in Greece, providing to the Greek consumer a complete range of products – solutions to face mild daily health  and nutritional problems. At the same time, to remain  one of the most reliable European companies, being the ambassador of Greek nature worldwide.


To offer Nature’s power through quality, safety and effective health products

that prevents and / or cures mild daily health problems and improve the daily routine of modern humans.


  • Anthropocentric
  • Respect to the customer and to the environment
  • Morality, Meritocracy, Boldness, Dynamism, Flexibility, Determination, Efficiency.

Strategic Pillars


It marks our entire route and the our strategy adopting the upcoming technological trends
for developing products that serve people’s needs
for a better quality of life.


It is our commitment and our fundamental value to create products that meet the highest international standards by offering the power of nature in its most qualitative form.



Our know-how, innovative practices and years
of experience are our powerful tools for a dynamic presence abroad for our further development.

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